Dutemann Bi Fold Warranty

Such is our confidence in the quality of our bi-folding door, Dutemann provide a 20 year mechanical parts guarantee.

Our products are manufactured with pride and care, but on the extremely rare occasion that a problem arises we ensure that it is rectified with as little inconvenience and hassle to the Customer as possible.

Dutemann shall, however, not be liable for inter alia:

  • Damage caused by poor maintenance, inappropriate maintenance products or air pollution.
  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by the improper use of the aluminium profiles or for instance by inappropriate storage or handling, shocks or scratches as a result of installation, vandalism, etc.
  • The consequences of an abnormal load.
  • Dirt that can be removed by appropriate and/or regular maintenance.
  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by repairs carried out to the aluminium profiles by third parties.
  • Damage caused by the use of products that are not intended to come into contact with the aluminium profiles.
  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by unforeseen phenomena and/or force majeure (rebellions, civil wars, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) or by direct exposure to non- natural sources of heat or UV radiation, or by explosions, etc. (this list is not limitative).

This warranty can be invoked only if Dutemann has been granted the right to inspect and examine the defects and damage to the aluminium profiles concerned and the possible causes thereof.

This warranty can be invoked only for defects visible to the naked eye at a distance of one meter and insofar as the profiles have been installed in accordance with the current manufacture and installation regulations regarding such aluminium profiles.

Once the installation of your Dutemann bi-folding door has been completed, you MUST register your product for the 20 year warranty otherwise you will not be covered. You need to register your product within 14 days of the installation date. When Dutemann has processed your registration you will be issued with an insurance certificate number. Without this certificate number you are not insured therefore if you do not receive it within 28 days contact Dutemann. If you have any questions, contact us on 01322 777213.

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