Glide-S Hardware

Introducing Glide-S Sliding Door Hardware: a complete line of hardware for interior sliding Bi-Fold, By-Pass, Pocket and Wall-Mount doors.

Dutemänn Glide offers classic hardware solutions for sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and entrance doors. Our door hardware collection features a broad range of size and weight options. Architects and builders will find everything they need to specify Knape and Vogt door hardware, including the finest customer service team in the industry.

The Dutemänn Glide name means quality and innovation, with products that are designed and built to last a lifetime. We deliver superior products at an exceptional value

Manufactured to the highest standards Dutemänn Glide provides exceptionally clean sightlines with all gearing and operating mechanisms contained within the frame and tracks.

Dutemänn Glide understands the importance of accurate and easy-to-access architectural specifications. We offer Construction Specification Information (CSI) Specifications for our Sliding Door Hardware program with technical data, ANSI/BHMA standards, and performance features in easy-to-download RTF format. Our Sliding Door Hardware architectural specifications are also available in the catalogue, website, and installation instructions, in very specific sizes, and they arrived at the site pre-cut, de-burred and ready to install. Look no further than Dutemänn Glide the UK's premium line of sliding, folding and pocket door hardware systems.

Our range of handles has been selected to compliment the door's contemporary design. Available in white, black, silver and brushed stainless steel, they provide a simple and refined finishing touch to a stunning inline sliding door.

Fabricated to deliver lifetime performance, they come with a 10 year guarantee as standard.

Our expert team will help you specify the right system for your next project. From initial specification to packing and shipping we can help you. Sliding glass doors, have at least one door panel that glides smoothly past another door panel to save room where you need it inside or out.