Glide-S Standards

We apply the same strict manufacturing discipline to all our products. Using one of Europe's leading aluminium systems, Dutemänn Glide goes through the same rigorous checks as our sliding doors, so that on arrival on site, fitting teams don't encounter problems or lose time.

Glide S Sliding Doors

Classic door hardware for Glide S sliding doors. Simple to install. Built to last. We offers easy-to-install hardware solutions for lightweight to mid-heavyweight sliding doors. Our sliding door hardware is constructed using superior materials and is engineered to perform well in high-traffic environments. Perfect for a broad range of applications from pantries and closets, to room dividers and laundry facilities.

System accreditations:

Weather testing (*door size 4,000mm x 2,400mm x 2 sashes)

Class 4 air permeability in accordance with EN 12207:2000

Class 9A water tightness in accordance with EN 12208:2000

Wind resistance EN12210:2000

U-vlaue1.3w/m2.K in compliance with BSEN14351 (*door size 2,000mm X 2180mm and sealed unit thickness of 28mm).

Convenient gliding, space-saving design

Energy efficient

Manufacturing accreditations

All sliding doors from Dutemänn are manufactured to a standard in accordance with ISO 9001.