Why Choose Us

We make no bones about it. We're a niche manufacturer and we want repeat business. We know you'll only give it to us if it's right and right first time.

We understand the trade, how it works, the pressures other manufacturers, installers and builders face, and what's important to them. That's why we only fabricate our products from the best aluminium systems and check and double check everything each and every step of the way, throughout the manufacturing process. We rarely get it wrong but if it's not perfect, we remake it.

We manufacture more than 120 bi-fold panels plus inline sliding and aluminium entrance doors each week. We have logged just four rejects in the last two years because it's not in our interests, or those of our customers for us to get it wrong.

And we deliver on time because we know that money doesn't flow for us or our customers until the product is fitted.

All Dutemänn products are manufactured under stringent quality assurance conditions using high quality components with a primary focus on providing a cost effective, reliable product.

The elegance of architecture is equally matched by the quality and reliability of our hardware operating equipment.

We invite you to explore our website for further comprehensive information on our company, products and contact details.

We pride ourselves on:

- Professional business ethics

- Competitive prices

- On-time delivery

- Customer service and feedback

- Providing the best quality service in the industry

Our doors and service quality speaks for itself and it's why our customers choose us.

To experience it for yourself call 01322 771213 or email sales@dutemann.co.uk.